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Beelzebullis gives our lab the thumbs up Matrixian
The Ultraviolence calms Greg, MadDoctor Yung-Chi, and Marlog "Pablo" Jen, "Demoiselle" Joanna, "Bristles" Burgund, and "Palette" Kevin Danger Tom is called in to cleanup the poison ivy infecting Count John
Alan learns that you *never* take Dave's Mountain Dew A work in progress Well-fueled by Cap'n Crunch, Cap'n Marsolek had mere minutes to get into costume after a grant deadline
Lab meeting Erin seeks help from a higher power as Mirra tries to distract her from important lab business Tom, Carmen, and Sandy try to persuade Rico from Boogie Wonderland to join the lab
Love springs eternal in the lab Carmen lounges before rewiring Vincent's retinal inputs to primary auditory cortex, as Alan, Dave, and Sandy try to imagine hearing sights Chad and friends try to persuade Paddy from the (glorious) Chieftains to join the lab
Cognitive Neuroscience Society, NYC, 2001 Darcy, Dave, Carmen, and Sandy at Psychonomics, Orlando, 2001 John Allen extols the virtues of their wasabi-eating contest to a skeptical Chad
Chad simultaneously extols the virtues of Guided by Voices while dissing The Beatles. Carmen is disgusted. Drinks in coconuts result in Nobel Prizes...just ask Einstein

The only place on earth besides Seattle where it rains every 20 minutes

Trav and Penny are not convinced by Dave's alien-genesis theory Chad channels the spirit of Kublai Khan, this time to complain about the 100+ degree heat Dave and Ted wisely never believe a word Chad says
Earl gives his scary look The final tool for Chad's world-domination scheme is in hand Uncle Chad convinces Niece Abby that Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes the best children's videos
Josh considers how much he dislikes the ideas of Karl Popper Vaughn wonders why his arms are suddenly so very very tiny  


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